Terms & Conditions

Main Terms

The terms ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ means Stein Bier Keller . ‘You’ and ‘group contact’ refers to the person who has made the reservation and each member of the group on whose behalf the group contact has booked.

It is important that you read these terms and conditions. Your contract is with Stein Bier Keller and these terms and conditions apply to all bookings taken from 1 January 2014. Whether you have read them or not and they apply to all members of the group on whose behalf the group contact has booked.

We understand and accept that every group leader understands and accepts our terms and conditions at point of booking whether the booking is made over the telephone, in person, in writing or via the Internet. It is the group leader’s responsibility to ensure every member of his/her party is aware of and adheres to our terms and conditions and supplies all information to the group accurately. The Group Leader is responsible for ensuring that all monies due are paid on time by the members of the group and that everyone within the group is aware of our Booking Conditions. The Group Leader assumes all responsibility to settle the balance of the invoice for a confirmed booking before the due date. Our terms and conditions are available and easily accessible via our Website. We also make them available to you via a link on the confirmation of booking. By paying your deposit you acknowledge that you agree to our terms.

To secure a booking we require a minimum deposit of £5 per person fee. Once the deposit has been paid a booking confirmation will be set to you via email. Only on receipt of your Booking confirmation is the booking confirmed. The group leader is responsible for full payment regarding any packages booked. If there is a change in the group leader, we must be notified in writing. All table bookings are available from 7.00pm and must be seated for 8pm unless specifically stated at time of booking. Any booking arriving after this time will not be guaranteed entry, no refunds will be made if you or any group members arrive after this time.

What Happens if You Want to Cancel?

Once your booking has been confirmed, a cancellation will only be accepted verbally from the group contact. (no facebook messages or text will be accepted)

Cancellation charges will apply at the date we receive verbal notification of cancellation of the whole booking. (no facebook messages or text )

Cancellation charges:-

– 48 hours or more before date of booking (DOB) Full Deposit Refund. In addition, for any group members who have already paid, refunds will be made but will be subject to a £5.00 administration charge per transaction.

– Less than 48 Hours before DOB – Loss of 100% of total package cost for the number of attendees booked at the time of cancellation and loss of all monies paid by members of the group.

If you wish to cancel on behalf of only some of the group then the cancellation charges outlined above will apply pro rata but we may become entitled to recalculate the package price based on minimum numbers for events. All cancellations must be made verbally. (no facebook messages or text)

Refunds for individual cancellations will be subject to a £5.00 administration charge per transaction. The price of your booking is based on your initial numbers.

No refunds will be made if you or any group members choose to leave your arrangements early or choose, for whatever reason. It is the group leaders responsibility to notify Stein Bier Keller in writing of any special or specific requirements at the point of booking to include but not limited to disabilities or dietary.

What Happens If You Want To Make A Change?

You may not change your reservation to a special offer that may subsequently become available.

We may be able to add additional persons onto your party after you have made your booking but this is always subject to availability. Your party size can be increased or decreased without charge up until 48 hours prior to DOB, However, if you wish to add on additional persons after this date, this will be subject to a £5 per person charge and subject to availability.

We will endeavour to accommodate any group that wishes to change their booking date, timings of and location. However this is always subject to availability and carries a £5 administration charge per change.

What Happens if your numbers change?

Stein Bier Keller fully understands that numbers can increase and that people drop out, even after saying they will attend. So once you have paid your deposit you can change your numbers up (subject to availability) or down without any amendment charges up until 48 hours prior to booking,

However if the group numbers drop by 25% or more when final numbers and balance are confirmed, Stein Bier Keller reserve the right to recalculate the package price. The group contact is then responsible for the revised outstanding balance as a one off payment.

After the balance due date, cancellations are subject to charges as detailed in these terms under the heading ‘What happens if you want to cancel?’ People can still be added to the booking, subject to i) availability at that time and ii) a £5 administration charge. If the costs have increased between time of original booking and adding extra people, you are liable to pay for the updated price.

What If We Cancel?

In most cases neither you nor we are entitled to cancel because of adverse weather conditions. Stein Bier Keller are not obliged to offer refunds for events affected by or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

For some events, if the safety risks are in our opinion unacceptable, we reserve the right to cancel the event. If we do cancel in such circumstances Stein Bier Keller will make every effort to reschedule the event for another date. If we cancel an event for anything that falls within our control we will provide you with a credit to rearrange booking under same terms and conditions. This credit will be valid for six months.

Very rarely, Stein Bier Keller may have to make changes to and correct changes on our web site and/or administration documents that we produce both before and after dates have been booked and confirmed and, very rarely cancel confirmed bookings. Whilst we work very hard to avoid changes and cancellations, we reserve the right to do so.

Many of the changes are minor such as a change to your package relating to the content at time of booking. In even more rare circumstances, a major change or cancellation may have to be made to a confirmed booking. If Stein Bier Keller has to make a significant change or cancel your booking we will inform you as soon as possible. If there is sufficient time before the booking, Stein Bier Keller will offer the following options:

(i) Cancel your booking/accept the cancellation and Stein Bier Keller will provide a full and immediate refund of all monies you have paid to us for the cancelled package

These options will not be offered if we consider the changes made to be a minor one. If Stein Bier Keller have to make a major change or cancel your booking or event, we will as a minimum where compensation is due, pay you the compensation as set out below depending on the circumstances and when the major change or cancellation is notified to you subject to the following exceptions.

Compensation will not be payable and no liability beyond offering the above choices will be accepted where Stein Bier Keller are forced to make changes or cancel your booking or event as a result of unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which we could not have avoided even with all due care and attention or if Stein Bier Keller have to cancel because the minimum number numbers required to run an event has not been reached. Stein Bier Keller will not be responsible, outside of the levels set out below, for any losses or expenses you incur as a result of cancellation.

No compensation will be payable and the above options will not be available if we cancel as a result of you not complying with any requirements of our terms and conditions entitling us to cancel (such as not paying your balance on time) or if the change made is a minor change or if we decide that the element is a subsidiary and not a principal part of any package.

Cancellation compensation

Number of days before date of booking a significant change or cancellation is notified to you

More than 24 Hours Nil

Less than 24 Hours £5.00 per person

Except as otherwise expressly set out in these Booking Conditions our liability for significant changes and cancellations is limited to the above mentioned options and compensation payments where applicable.

Late Bookings

Stein Bier Keller consider a late booking to be a booking made within 48 hours of a Party date. Any bookings made within this period are not subject to our standard payment terms. Payment in full is required upon booking. You are not obliged to cancel a late booking at any time. All late bookings are subject to availability and it is understood that you have read our terms and conditions.

What Happens If We Make a Change?

Stein Bier Keller reserves the right at any time to cancel or change any products or prices, and to substitute alternative arrangements of comparable monetary value without compensation and accepts no liability for loss of enjoyment as a result of these changes.

Stein Bier Keller reserves the right to change or alter activities, products, menus or drink offerings within its packages without any notice.

We will always endeavour to notify you of any changes as soon as possible. However, under no circumstance are we obliged to refund any element of a booking cancelled due to war, threat of war, riots, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural disasters or fire.

If an item within a package, becomes unavailable we will have the choice of another package of same value, or make a proportional refund. You will not be entitled to cancel the booking. If we decide that the change is a subsidiary and not a principal part of any package, we will not be obliged and you will not be entitled to cancel your booking.

However, subject to changes in numbers and/or most suitable configurations, we reserve the right to move members of the same group to different room configurations to make the best use of available space.

Prices and Price Changes

By booking with us you agree to pay the prices quoted to you at the time of booking. These prices will not increase so long as there have been no changes to your booking and they haven’t dropped subject to minimum numbers, with the exception of circumstances in which there are variations in the following costs which we will pass on to you – Prices displayed in brochures, communications and web sites are available but may be subject to limited availability, date restrictions or conditions and qualification. We will only increase the price if our costs increase as a result of any adverse changes in any of the tax, which have been used to calculate the cost of your package.

Payment and Surcharges

We accept the following methods of payment: Debit Card, all major Credit Cards (excluding American Express, Transax and Diners) and payment directly into our bank account via BACS or online transfer.

Payment by bank transfer does not carry a surcharge. Credit card is subject to a 2% of value surcharge, these surcharges represent the charges we incur for processing card payments.

We do not accept cheques.

All groups must pay a deposit to secure their booking. Your final balance is due 48 hours before your booking date but the exact date is always stated on your confirmation. If you do not pay us within the time limits specified you may jeopardise our ability to provide the event and we have the right to treat all or part of the booking as cancelled and you will be liable for the cancellation charges due to us under this agreement.

Once you have placed a booking and we have confirmed your details in via email the details will not usually change, providing the arrangements and group size remain the same. In the event that an activity cannot take place due to a fall in numbers we reserve the right to cancel your event and refund all monies paid for that event, or offer alternative arrangements.


Upon booking a party it is understood that you agree to behave in a safe and courteous manner at all times. You also agree to obey the proper instructions of any activity, and will dress and equip yourself suitably for any event. You also agree to compensate us for any damage or loss of revenue caused by you in the course of an event.

We understand the fact you have booked a fun party. However, as a Stein Bier Keller customer you are expected to behave in a safe and courteous manner at all times. You must ensure you arrive on time for all events, obey all instructions given to you by activity leaders and dress appropriately for your activities. Groups wear fancy dress at their own risk and Stein Bier Keller cannot be held responsible if any venue refuse of entry if they decide dress to be inappropriate or behave inappropriately. You are not permitted to arrive at any event under the influence of drugs under any circumstances. Tokyo will not be liable for any refusal of entry or participation in an activity if your group fails to conduct yourselves as detailed in this clause.

No team colours, football shirts, sportswear etc

Management may refuse your group entry or access Stein Bier Keller will not be liable for your arrangements if this clause is not adhered to, or if the management refuse entry. No refund will be given.

Marketing & data

Please be aware that by accepting our terms and conditions you are also acknowledging that we are able to add you to our database for marketing purposes. We do not share our data with any third parties.